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Finally policy makers are focusing on rights of way

πηγή OECD – 18 06 2008

A new paper from the Organization for Economic Development (”OECD”) recognizes the importance of rights of way to sustainable competition for next generation networks. Some note worthy quotes include:

“The limitations faced by new entrants are significant, especially with respect to the reach of their existing networks and their ability to obtain access to rights of way and ducts. It is thus difficult for new entrants to replicate an NGN access infrastructure.”

“In addition, a large percentage of costs in rolling out new fibre networks are construction costs related to conduits and rights of way. Construction costs could be significantly higher for operators if they do not already have access to rights of way and ducts.”

“Incumbents have a significant advantage because their historical monopoly position has given them existing rights of way and they usually own the ducts used by copper networks (which often means they do not pay for rights of way). Other utilities, such as electric power companies, also have access to rights of way and ducts. The number of administrative layers (local municipal councils, regional bodies, etc.) often creates difficulties for new entrants in obtaining access to rights of way and ducts. Where municipalities are pro-active in trying to ensure that fibre networks are developed, they often provide access to municipal rights of way and ducts on reasonable terms.”


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